Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Big Boy Bed"

Isaac is sleeping in a regular bed now. I've been enjoying it because we can lay down with him, which is nice when he wants us in there and we're exhausted (we had to stand and lean over the crib--that was the pits). On the other hand, it hit me the other night that we no longer rock in the rocking chair, which made me sad to realize that a vital part of our bedtime routine no longer exists. My baby is disappearing before my eyes! He sleeps pretty well in there, but most nights he does come visit us in our bed.

They are so cute while they sleep!

This is how I found him during a nap one day. He still loves putting pillows on top of himself.

This is where you can often find Daddy (a.k.a. Isaac's sleeping buddy :-).


This is what happens with a boy that can climb out of his crib and is too hyped to fall asleep. He got out and played until he fell asleep on the floor, surrounded by all his toys. (And boy, can this boy make a mess!)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Growing Up

Isaac took his nap today in his crib without the side attached (essentially, a three sided crib). He stayed in bed the whole time, and only fell out when Daddy when to wake him up (Daddy caught him :-). We are going to move him to the other room with a double bed hopefully at the end of this month. I can't believe he will be sleeping in a regular bed--when did he get so big?

My creative boy figured out that "woo-woo's" stick to the dog crate rather nicely.

We've been moving Paul's desk and office stuff out of the room that will be Isaac's. He has been really excited, trying to help us so we can hurry up and make it his room. I carried some of Daddy's cables down to expedite the process.

He loves getting into laundry baskets, boxes, containers, anything he can fit his buns into.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Random Goober pictures

Ok, I confess, I am no longer worried about going in order. You get what you get when I get too it. As I was putting this post up, Paul put Isaac in bed. He was crying so I went in to check on him and he was standing at the door. I asked Paul if he had just left him in there; he said "No, I put him in bed." So the boy has gotten quite good at getting himself out of bed. I asked Isaac how he did it, and he gave his typical "I don't know" response. So I put him in bed and asked him to show me how he got out--and I'll be darned if it wasn't quite a graceful dismount. I was very impressed with how well he did it. I'll have to try and get video of it and post. But for the time being, here are a few random pictures of the monkey boy.

My little old man mowing the "grass".

Why do kids like to sit inside their toy boxes?

Slurping noodles.

Standard "fell asleep in the stroller" pictures.

He likes to pull pillows or whatever on top of him when he sleeps (that is Eeyore, by the way).

He loves to get in the dog crate.

And this morning he decided he wanted to get in the bath to play with his trains...

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Isaac loves his trains. He goes through fazes, but when he's really into them, he takes them everywhere. They have to read with him, bathe with him, sleep with him, eat with him, go potty with him (you get the picture). He is getting more creative with them by the day.

For those of you that don't know, this is James, Winter Thomas, Rosie, and Percy.

This was my favorite. One day he put a bunch of them on the table (about 10 of them) and gave them each a cracker. Unfortunately, by the time I'd gotten the camera, he had moved most of them, so I didn't get the really good picture of it.

Here is the one left on the table.

Why he likes to eat on the step stool, I have no idea. He loves to use it as his own personal table.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

The why's have started

Anyone who knows Paul and I from childhood (or has heard the stories about us) knows that we both asked "Why?" to everything. So I went into this whole parent thing with my eyes open--realizing that we might have the most inquisitive kid ever. I did think that we would have a bit longer before he started, (until he was 3 maybe?) but, alas, it is not to be. It seems to be like walking...now that he has begun, it just accelerates. "Isaac, can you put your trains up?" "Why, Mommy?" "Isaac, can you come hand me that book?" "Why, Daddy?" So far he still does almost everything we ask, but while he's in the process, he asks why it's necessary. Paul and I have held up pretty well, in that we have not yet resorted to "because I told you so," but I have a feeling that one is coming.

I try to always include pictures for everybody, so here you are. In the packaging for one of his trains, Isaac found this brochure that lists all the trains they have for sale. He loves to "read" it as if it were a newspaper. It amazes me that pictures of toy trains can hold his attention so long.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Two months and no post--I apologize. It's been crazy around here. We had a tragedy in the neighborhood, our good friends moved away, and my parents came to visit. I feel like we're just getting out feet back under us, so I will try and catch you up on what we've been doing. Isaac, following in his mom's footsteps, is turning into a fish. He loves all things water.

He's not really allowed to splash in the bathtub, so when I told him he could splash to his heart's content in the pool, he went nuts.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Big Boy Pants

Here is one of those goofy things that only parents can truly appreciate--Isaac went all day today (other than nap time) in big boy underwear without having an accident!! He does kill me... some days he's fine with the potty training, and other days he is not interested at all. Hopefully we're getting there.

Monday, May 25, 2009

New cousin

Here is Joran, the new addition to the cousins. Maybe soon we'll have a picture of them all together. Isaac thought he was kind of cool but wasn't that impressed. I give him a year or two before he gets that this is the closest male to him in the family and they start doing all those fun things that boys like to do. And how is this for an initiation... I was holding him so mom could take a shower and he wet his diaper. I went to change it and right after I took it off, he pooped. So I had to change the clothes, changing pad, and get a new clean diaper since he pooped on the first one. And since they use cloth diapers, I had to try to figure out how to fold it for a newborn. He was just checking to make sure my newborn skills were still up to snuff (which they weren't, really :-).

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bike Riding

Isaac's new favorite activity: bike riding. He absolutely loves it. We can't even mention the word unless we're planning to go right then, because otherwise all we hear is "bike ride" over and over again. (In fact, he saw me putting up this post and has repeated "bike ride, Daddy...bike ride" over and over. So we are going now. Like I said, you'd better be ready to go if anything bike is seen or even mentioned.)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Playdoh and juggling

I got Isaac playdoh for his Christmas stocking, but I was a bit nervous about pulling it out in the house. (We did try it one time, and it went ok until the end when he dropped a little on the carpet and then stepped on it.) So I decided it would be a great spring toy he could play with outside, and boy, did he love it! He didn't make many things with it; he preferred to carry it around everywhere. (Also note the pile of rocks--the boy is developing a strong rock fetish.)

Daddy showing Isaac how to juggle.

Isaac trying out that juggling thing for himself.

And "juggling" at me.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

My Messer: Part 3

Note to self...if you let a toddler out of your site, you're never quite sure what they will do. So much for this film.

Friday, May 1, 2009


We went to Oma and Papa's for Easter and had an Easter egg hunt at their church. This was the area for the up to 3 year olds. They were a trip. The older kids all take off running practically knocking each other over while the young ones sort of wander around trying to figure out what is going on.
Isaac did a decent job of collecting eggs, but then he put them all back (in that bottom hole of this play ground). He wasn't quite getting the concept.

This was him discovering "Hey...there is stuff IN these eggs!!"

It didn't take too long before Isaac and Sylvie decided they would rather just play on the playground.

The whole gang.

This is Isaac and Sylvie's favorite game...playing chase. (It seems like Sylvie is normally the one doing the chasing :-).

Isaac's basket from "Oma-rabbit."
The cousins got Guitar Hero: World Tour for Easter. I'm not sure how much they played it before the uncles and I took over :-).

Batman playing the guitar...only Paul.

I'm not even sure how Isaac knew what you are supposed to do with a microphone, but he figured it out.

And then he decided Mom needed to sing (I'm just happy to still have all my teeth).