Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Big Boy Bed"

Isaac is sleeping in a regular bed now. I've been enjoying it because we can lay down with him, which is nice when he wants us in there and we're exhausted (we had to stand and lean over the crib--that was the pits). On the other hand, it hit me the other night that we no longer rock in the rocking chair, which made me sad to realize that a vital part of our bedtime routine no longer exists. My baby is disappearing before my eyes! He sleeps pretty well in there, but most nights he does come visit us in our bed.

They are so cute while they sleep!

This is how I found him during a nap one day. He still loves putting pillows on top of himself.

This is where you can often find Daddy (a.k.a. Isaac's sleeping buddy :-).

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