Friday, April 25, 2008

New skills

The munchkin is getting better with the physical skills. He's had another skill "growth spurt." In addition to his solo stair climbing activity, he's also done several new things this week. He got out of a large rocking arm chair all by himself (and very smoothly I might add). He got down off of our bed by himself (not so smoothly). For those who don't know, our bed is very high--it comes up to my waist, so this is quite an accomplishment (even if he did loose his balance and fall on his tush). He's been practicing that one for a while. He's been very cute with it...he knows to turn around and throw his legs over, but since it's so high, he gets a death grip on the sheets and slowly lowers himself down. The first couple times he did it (with me sitting right beside him to help him if he needed) he did his little nervous laugh. Then he figured out to lower himself until he was standing on the bed rail. I think the problem now is he's not sure how to get down off of that. He also walked all the way out of the YMCA to the car. He's starting to like exploring more new places on foot. That makes for interesting trips to the store while he pulls everything off the racks. He and I went shopping for some summer clothes for him last week, and he ran around the clothes racks playing hide and seek and laughing like crazy. He had the best time.

Another random picture. He's practicing to be Joseph in the Christmas play when he gets old enough.

Stair climbing

Isaac loves climbing stairs. Unfortunately, he often thinks it's a game. He's getting pretty quiet and sneaky with the walking, and if you aren't paying attention, he'll sneak up the stairs on you. When Paul or I find him climbing the stairs he just laughs like it's great fun. He has made it up to the top on his own a few times (he's sneaked past Mommy and Daddy on different occasions). And he's fast too. Often when we hear him, by the time we get there, he's almost at the top. Thank goodness at least he's good at it.
Climb a bit, then stop and pose.

Climb some more...

then turn around and make sure Mommy is still back there.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

First "black" eye

Well, as you can see, we got a nice boo boo. My little Angel is having a bit of a devilish streak. He'll act all sweet and perfect until you tell him no and then...look out! So this occurred as we were playing around on the bed. Paul had just gotten home and Isaac was a bit grumpy. He started throwing himself around on the bed. He hit his head on Daddy a couple of times and fussed because it didn't feel too good. But apparently that wasn't enough to stop him from throwing himself around. A few seconds later, he got exasperated and threw his head down on my knee. Oh boy, did he cry at that one! This mark appeared almost instantly. I was really worried that it was going to turn into a big bruise (in which case I was going to have shirts printed saying, "No, I do not hit my kid!"). Luckily, it didn't get any darker than this and it disappeared in a day or two.