Monday, October 6, 2008

My little Goof-ball

A little munchkin update for you... Isaac is getting this talking thing down. He seems to have skipped single words for the most part and gone right to phrases. I've always known you have to be careful what you say around kids because they copy everything you say, but I didn't even realize I was saying several of the phrases he's been copying me on (and they seem to be some of his favorites). He still does very well saying "peas...peas" any time he wants something, but now we've added "thank you." It's quite cute really. He asks "Where is (fill in the blank)" then if you repeat the question to him, he usually responds with "I don't...know." The ones he has snagged from me are "I know" and "I got you!" (that one is new). He really likes cows and sheep and if you ask what they say, he will tell you "moo" and "baa" (and he gets this smile when he does it like he's really proud of himself for knowing that). One of the cutest things he said the other day. He has been saying "love you," but last week we got "I love Daayee (better known as Daddy). One if his favorite games is calling us in the house and we answer. He says "Maamuuuhhh" and I call back "Isaaaac." Then he calls "Daaayeeee" and Paul calls "Isaaaac." This is our came that goes on almost on a daily basis. He's also started calling us like this when he wakes up. I love it, but we do occasionally get some funny looks when we're doing it in public. I'm just so thrilled he's started saying "Maamaa" fairly regularly. I was "Daayee" too for a long time. We were in Target one day and Isaac was with Paul. I had gone to pick up something, and Isaac was wondering where I was. So he started calling me. He's yelling "Daayee" and I could hear him half way across the store. Paul started getting nervous that someone was going to think he had swiped this kid who was trying to call his dad.

I love this picture. It looks like he's trying to work out a problem in his head.

Jumping on the bed (notice the foot up in the air).

This is what he does when he's asking where something is or saying "I don't know."

This is the goofy grin.

My little ham.

I'm not sure what he was doing here, but that's what his face looks like when he is saying "peas...peas!" very earnestly. (He was probably asking me for the camera...he loves looking at the pictures of himself on the screen.)