Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I was WRONG!!!!!!

I can't believe it! I was so sure! It's been over 24 hours and I'm still having a hard time getting used to the idea. I had no idea how sure I was until this has so rocked my mental picture of my future family. So much for "mother's intuition"!!


I was SURE it was a girl! I knew Isaac was a boy, so I figured my gut instinct was pretty good--I guess not! We are perfectly happy with this news, just a bit thrown (since I have been calling poor little man "she" for months now). I even had my parents convinced...they were talking to Isaac about his "little sister". Poor Peanut...Paul says I've messed him up already by calling him a girl for most of his existence. I mean, I bought a couple of pink things, and I'm pretty sure I even had her name picked out. Now I feel like we are back to square one. Of course, the really nice thing is that...I won't have to buy many clothes! I'm already stocked on the boy things :-). (I will have to buy some things, since Isaac was born in the coldest part of winter, and this boy is coming in the hottest part of summer. A bit of a season difference there...) So here is the fuel we are adding to the fire. (Boys seem to hype each other up, while girls can calm them down. Hence, I came up with the "Are we having fuel or water?" analogy.)

Here is "Peanut Baby" as Isaac calls him. He was obviously very tired of his mommy calling him a girl seeing as how as soon as the tech found him on the ultrasound, he was flaunting his parts for all he was worth.

Waving "Hi"

This is his classic pose. He has done this at both ultrasounds (first one we had was at 12 weeks). He loves his right hand under his chin and his left hand up by his cheek.

More of the "classic" Peanut pose.

A bit of stretching--he has his arms and legs sticking out in front of him. I told him to enjoy the room while he had it, seeing as how soon he will be curled up in a ball for the remainder of his stay :-).

Monday, February 1, 2010

Isaac's Birthday

Isaac had lots of fun this year helping make his cake. Daddy took him to the grocery store and let him pick out whatever he wanted.

This is the "I really want to stir, but it's too loud!"

Licking the beaters is manditory!

Isaac did not have the patience to wait for Daddy--he decided it was ready for the icing now!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Sorry I'm so behind, but this is why...

Yes, there is someone in there! So on top of Isaac in the hospital, me being pretty sick for 3 weeks, Christmas, Isaac's birthday, and our anniversary (and all of that was just December and half of January!), we have had a lot going on! Anyway, hopefully everything will slow down a bit now, and I will try and post more of these cute pictures I have. Unfortunately, Paul has been unable to get our scanner to work. If he can, we will scan our ultrasound pictures and post those.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


This is what you get reduced to when you have a VERY long car trip. It was Christmas Eve, so I had a couple of presents that would be good in the car. We saved them until Isaac fell apart and was sick of doing everything else. Then we gave him a present.

The boy loves Playdoh!

Granddaddy got Isaac Lincoln Logs for Christmas--I think he enjoyed them more than Isaac did!

Monday, January 11, 2010

My poor hospital boy!

A couple of days after Thanksgiving, my poor little boy got pneumonia and was seriously dehydrated, so off to the hospital we went. Isaac's first IV :-(. He didn't like it, but the nurses commented on how well he did after they put it in. He cried a bunch, but I guess he didn't fight as much as some kids do. I think that might have been due to the fact that he was so sick, he just didn't have any fight in him.
His cute little hospital gown :-).

After several hours of fluids and antibiotics (and a good nap), Isaac was feeling much better. I decided to take some pictures. Isaac is loving the camera, and always wants to see the pictures of himself after I take them. This time he decided that he wanted pictures with all of his "woo-woo's". "Here Mommy, take a picture of Rosie. Mommy, take a picture of James. Mommy, Percy wants a picture, too." He thought it was a hoot--I was just so happy he was smiling and feeling better!

His face got quite swollen from all the fluids. The doctor told us that was normal.

Isaac's toy stash. He kept saying, "I wanna go home!" It was quite heartbreaking, so Daddy ran home while he was taking a nap and got him a bunch of toys to give him something to do while he was stuck in the bed with an IV.

This was bedtime and how they slept. I was pretty sick with a bad head cold, so Daddy said he would stay so I could sleep at home.

He had to sleep with a monitor on his finger, which he was not a big fan of.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

"Big Boy Bed"

Isaac is sleeping in a regular bed now. I've been enjoying it because we can lay down with him, which is nice when he wants us in there and we're exhausted (we had to stand and lean over the crib--that was the pits). On the other hand, it hit me the other night that we no longer rock in the rocking chair, which made me sad to realize that a vital part of our bedtime routine no longer exists. My baby is disappearing before my eyes! He sleeps pretty well in there, but most nights he does come visit us in our bed.

They are so cute while they sleep!

This is how I found him during a nap one day. He still loves putting pillows on top of himself.

This is where you can often find Daddy (a.k.a. Isaac's sleeping buddy :-).


This is what happens with a boy that can climb out of his crib and is too hyped to fall asleep. He got out and played until he fell asleep on the floor, surrounded by all his toys. (And boy, can this boy make a mess!)