Thursday, June 19, 2008


Papa took Isaac out for one of his coolest experiences yet...playing with the tractor. Controlling a piece of machinery that's that for a power trip?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cousin Sylvie's Birthday Party

We did all sorts of fun things at cousin Sylvie's birthday party. One of our favorites was playing in the sand box. After awhile, Isaac decided he just had to taste it. The best was the gritty crunch of the sand between his teeth...yuck!

The guys made a fire. We told Isaac it was hot, and he handled it like he does all hot things...he blew on it. Uncle Dan said that they couldn't have done it without Isaac's help :-).

(I must admit, I got pretty nervous about how fearless Isaac was around the fire.)

We found a new cool toy for throwing a ball for the dogs.

And took a few swings at the pinata.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Talking and Climbing

Sorry I haven't gotten more up here. I have a few events with pictures to post, but it just hasn't happened yet (the Monkey hardly ever stops moving now!). But for a little update...Isaac is has a few words that he really uses often. His favorite of which is "uh oh". He really loves that one; he'll throw his pacifier over the edge of the crib and say "uh oh". He loves to drop things on purpose just so he can say it. The other word that we hear about 100 times a day is "please" (I have to admit, even though it's great that it's one of his first regular words and it's very cute, it still gets annoying to hear that much). We have been doing the sign language for "please" with him for a while, so he has heard it a lot. Then one day, he just started saying it. Now everything he wants, it's "peas...peas" (and he wants a lot of things!). It's really hard to tell him he can't have something when he's asking so politely!
His favorite activity now is climbing. He climbs on everything! His most recent climbing adventure involves a stool in front of the bathroom sink (he stands on it to wash his hands). He now loves to use that to climb up on the counter and sit in the sink. How's that for weird?