Thursday, August 28, 2008

Isaac's Pool

Isaac got this pool from Grandmommy and Granddaddy for his birthday, and man does he love it! After we blew it up, he would see it in the backyard, point to it and say "peas...peas..." All he wanted to do was play in the pool.

He loves to splash in the water.

He heard a bird up in a tree. This is his "where is it?" hand motion.

Friday, August 1, 2008


While we were at the beach, we visited the Edisto Island Serpentarium a.k.a. the "everything reptile zoo". It was very cool, but it did have some creepy factors. I've always liked snakes just fine, but the massive numbers of them here really gave me the creeps. I, unfortunately, do not have a picture of the bundle of snakes up in the tree. There must have been over fifty of them all wrapped up together in a mass around a branch (and that's not even counting all the rest of them in this particular pit). It was a bit freaky. Isaac--being all boy--loved every minute of it. And he got to pet a baby alligator and a python! Talk about some cool firsts. Thank you cousin Ronnie for the awesome pictures! (These are all his...doofus that I am, I forgot my camera).

Isaac getting eaten by an alligator.

This was so cool. At first we had to convince him to try touching the baby gator, but then he thought it was the neatest thing.

Everyone around cracked up at this...Isaac started "oooohhh"ing while he was petting the alligator.