Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Isaac turns 2!

Since Isaac's birthday was in the middle of the week this year, and we don't have any family in town, we wanted to do something special. So we introduced Isaac to Chuck E Cheese. We have a bunch of video of it (I will try and post some later).
Daddy introducing Isaac to his favorite kind of game--racing.

Isaac's first Whack A Mole game (or in this case, whack a spider).

Taking a little ride with Chuck E.

Daddy really likes the driving games.

Introducing Isaac to my all time favorite game (and Granddaddy's)--Skee ball

Enjoying a messy cupcake.

For some reason, he wouldn't pick up the cupcake...he just went for digging in.

One of his new presents (ironically very similar to something I had when I was little).

Monday, January 12, 2009


This Christmas was so much more fun than last year. Since Isaac was almost 2, he got the concept much better this year and had a great time opening everything.

Isaac opening all his stocking goodies. He likes putting stickers on himself.
Kissing the horse that Grandmommy gave him.

His train present...

We didn't want to pack up his train track from us and take it down to Florida, set it up, then pack it up again, so Great Aunt Janice was nice enough to loan us this one while we were down there. Isaac "opened" it on Christmas, and boy did he have a great time! Train table made possible by Granddaddy and Uncle Andrew (thanks guys!)

I got Isaac the train whistle for his stocking...he thought it was a hoot!

Granddaddy showing Isaac how to use the golf clubs he got him for Christmas.

Hanging out with Uncle "Annew"

Opening some of his train cars. (Thank you Lori--he loves them!)

This is the best Christmas present I ever received!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Christmas Card Rejects 2008

So here is a bit of our Christmas 2008 photo shoot. I'm really liking this tradition, but I did learn that it is much harder to photograph an almost 2 year old than it is to photograph a non-walking almost 1 year old. The boy really did not want to sit still! Thanks to Daddy for his VERY hard work at getting Munchkin to laugh, because I just couldn't get him to do anything!

This is the "train tree" that Great Aunt Frances gave Isaac, and boy, does he love it! It sings Christmas carols and the train goes around a track inside the tree. A most fabulous Christmas decoration for a boy that loves trains.

This is Isaac's "Woo-woo" (a.k.a. train) dance. He swings back and forth and says "chuga, chuga chuga...woo-woo!"

I thought this one was pretty cool. I'm not even sure how I did this.

Being goofy and stubborn. He decided he wanted a break.

I'm not sure where he even got this. He taps his finger on his chin and says "hmmm.......I know!" Hence his Sherlock pose.