Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beach Trip

We went to the beach for a week with most of the extended family. Isaac had a great time exploring the house and playing with everybody, but he wasn't really sure what to make of the beach. The first time we took him out, he sort of fussed around and didn't have the best time. I picked him up and walked down to the water with him, and he just started whimpering. He was not into it for the first half of the week at least, but then, all of a sudden, he warmed up.

This is the first attempt at playing in the sand.

I did finally come up with some games that he liked (i.e. burying my legs and his).

Isaac decided that was it--he was done and going back to the house.

Cousin Barbara brought us some awesome building blocks that Isaac loves! He and Granddaddy built some cool stuff.

So, after being there for almost a week, Isaac finally decided the ocean is pretty cool. All of a sudden, he just made a bee line for the water. It was so strange for him to be so fearless after being so scared of it all week. Granddaddy had to cut him off a few times when he just started running towards the waves.

Hugging on Daddy.

This was our last night at the beach. Isaac had already had his bath, but since he wanted to get in so badly (and it was his last chance), I stripped off his pj's and let him go play.

Check out that droopy diaper!

After playing in the water for awhile, Isaac started heading for the house. So I called up to him "Isaac, are you all done?" and without stopping or turning around, he did the sign for all done (which is waving your hands in the air) and just marched on to the house.