Monday, March 31, 2008

Same ole, same ole

Well, I'm really sorry I haven't posted more on here recently, but in all honesty, it's been too crazy. I hardly have any new pictures because Isaac moves around too much to get any. (He's just a blur in most of the ones I have taken recently :-). Every time he does something cute, by the time I find the camera, he has moved on to the next thing. So I figured I would at least give everyone an update. Isaac is walking all over the place now--he'll be running in no time (Lord, help us!). I guess he finally got up the confidence and man can he go! He went through this phase where he would walk on his hands and feet--quite entertaining! Unfortunately, I think he might already be done with that, and I never did catch it on camera. He loves playing outside. We can't wait for the weather to get consistently nice so we can play out there every day. He now has at least 12 teeth (4 new honkin premolars). There might be more back there, but he's not big on letting us look. Life has settled into a fairly predictable routine (for which, I am very grateful!) Of course, with that predictability comes boring blogger updates! Here is one of the few good pictures I have recently (and yes, I know he needs a haircut).

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Foward facing

We have made the move to a forward facing car seat! The first night we tried it, Isaac was so funny...he was trying to take everything in. He would whip his head from side to side trying to see it all. His utter fascination at not having to stare at the back seat was quite amusing. He looks like such a big boy in his new seat :-).

Monday, March 10, 2008

Walking video

So video doesn't look great on here, but I had to put this one on. Isaac was only walking when we stood him up and got him to walk to us, but the other day he decided he wanted something, so he walked over and got it. He's starting to walk to things for his own benefit, not just because Paul or I try to get him to walk. Just wait until he figures out the running thing...


Isaac has started one of his cutest tricks yet...blowing on everything. What's so cute about it is that it isn't a really blow; it's sort of a combination between a puff of air coming out of his mouth and a sigh (I'm not sure that makes'd just have to hear it). Paul and I blow on his food before we give it to him if it's hot, and Paul blows out candles while he's holding Isaac, so maybe that is where he has gotten it from. At first I didn't know what he was doing, because he would do it while he was playing in the living room. I haven't exactly figured out what all makes him think he needs to blow on something, but I'm coming up with a theory. He does blow on some food that we give him while he's in his high chair. (He blew on a pancake I gave him Sat. morning and he blew on his cheese toast this morning.) And he does help blow if we're blowing out a candle, but my favorite so far was this morning. For some reason he likes to chew on the noses of stuffed animals (his puppy, some bears, pretty much anything). He goes right for the nose to bite it (this might not bode well for any future siblings or classmates). Anyway, this morning he leaned over to bite the nose of a teddy bear and right before he did, he blew on it.

Here's a cute random picture for you.