Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My little girl...no more

Ok, so I finally had enough of people saying "Oh, she's so cute!" and "What's her name?" and "James, get out of the little girl's way" and (my personal favorite from a little boy at the airport) "Are you a girl?" he asked Isaac. I hardly ever corrected anyone (although if they asked Isaac's name, then it was sort of obvious), I'd just answer their question and let it go. But it had reached the point where he got at least twice as many "she," "her," and "girl" references as he was getting masculine pronouns. I don't entirely understand that since I dress him very much like a boy, but you never can tell about people.

So here is his long beautiful hair (I guess I need to have a girl)...

and here it is getting all chopped off.

That's sort of how I felt about it.

And here is my cute little monkey with an official "boy haircut."

I must admit, it has really grown on me, and now I think he's too cute.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Locked Out

I have a post to put up that I know a few people will be very interested in. I will get that one up soon, but while you wait, I thought I'd give you a good laugh. Today Isaac locked me out of the house in my pj's. (Go ahead, get all the giggles out of your system.) We have a screen door with a lock that Isaac always turns when he's trying to get out the door. I realized that I had left something in the car and went to go get it quickly, completely forgetting about his prior locking Daddy out of this particular door. As I'm getting the stuff out of the car and locking the doors (with Isaac standing at the screen door), his previous door locking experience hits me like a ton of bricks and I had one of those stomach sinking, heart stopping moments. I get up to the door, and sure enough, it's locked. So I spend the next 10 minutes trying to get Isaac to unlock the door (in his defense, he did a pretty good job--he turned it back and forth but he just couldn't get it to unlatch). This whole time I'm staying pretty calm because I can see him and I know everything is fine. After about 10 minutes, Isaac got frustrated because he couldn't get the lock to work, so he just decided to close the front door! At which point, I will admit I had a moment of panic. I was worried about what he might get into without me able to see him and also that he would lock that door too, and then I would be totally lost. I was trying to find a way in without tearing our screen door up, but after he closed the front door, alas, it was not to be. I dug through my stuff to see what I could use to tear the screen, and all I could come up with was a ball point pen. So I commenced to hacking my way through the screen so I could get in the house and save my baby (who I was not too happy with at this point). Needless to say, he didn't lock the second door, I did get in, and I did not have to go over to the neighbors house in my pj's and call 911. Thank God for small favors :-).

Friday, September 12, 2008

Virginia Living Museum

It was the last day the Virginia Living Museum was having the Dino-Mania exhibit, so we decided to go one last time (luckily, this time I remembered the camera).

Isaac is waving to the triceratops family.
This boy will touch anything. He enjoyed petting the crab.

He seems to have a thing for frogs--he likes to kiss frog statues. Maybe he's waiting for one to turn into a princess.

There is a big log in the museum that Isaac absolutely loves crawling around inside. (It seems to be quite popular with the other kids too.) He was peeking out at Daddy through a little hole in the side.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Florida Trip #2

Isaac and I went down to Florida again this year (partly to go to the beach and partly to give Daddy a break). Of course, the beach was pretty much ruined by tropical storm Fay. So we found some other fun things to do.
He got this hat from a restaurant we went to, and boy, did he love it. He just kept repeating "hat...hat...hat".

Isaac fell and got a cut on his mouth. We tried to get him to suck on an ice cube, but he wouldn't have any of it. So I broke my no sweets rule and let him have some fudge popsicle to help it feel better (bo-bo's seem to often call for rule bending). He took a lick, his eyes lit up, and he said, "mmmm". He went nuts on that thing for a bit.

This is one of Isaac's favorite games... if someone is lying on the bed, he loves diving over them.

Not sure what this was--fuzz in the mouth maybe?
Repeating the Museum of Natural History... He seemed to enjoy it more this year (especially since he can run around and check everything out). He loved hitting all the buttons that make the animal noises.
Here is one of the Indians that confused him so badly last year. This year, he wasn't as amazed.

They have a very cool hands on area that he loved playing in.

This picture is deja vu--just like last year's. I'm not sure if he's looking at the same thing he was last time. He's waving to the totem pole on the wall.

Isaac Antics

The Goofball is following in the footsteps of many a munchkin...he loves putting on my shoes.
I loved this...he even got his toes in the right place.

Where's Isaac?

There he is! (For some reason, he loves climbing into cabinets and closing the door.)